About Yorkshire Sole

Yorkshire Sole  is built on an ethos of doing all work with uncompromising integrity and love. As a shoe repairer of 18 years and a bespoke shoemaker, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of footwear, particularly Goodyear welted shoes and boots. 

After over 150 years since the mechanisation of the Goodyear welted construction, and centuries after it was first conceptualised, it is still considered the gold standard of making footwear and I have spent my time in this craft, pursuing perfection restoring footwear made in this way; continuing to do so on a daily basis.

Yorkshire Sole will always buy the best materials available for any given job, irrespective of effect on the profit margin. No corners are cut to save on time - it takes as long as it takes to be be the best repair it can be.

online shoe repairer Dean Westmoreland as seen on BBC repair shop