Redwing stock becoming available again

With Redwing stock becoming available again, the start of 2022 is looking more positive for Yorkshire Sole.The support over the last 8 months when we’ve had no Redwing stock has been incredible, with customers choosing the vast array of other sole options for their boots and shoes.

Of course, we repair all brands and one of the first pairs of the year was a beautiful pair of Crockett & Jones in for a Dainite sole, from a regular customer. The majority of my career has been spent repairing English welted footwear so its always enjoyable working on these brands.

The USA made boots and popularity of wedge soles is a relatively recent phenomenon and continues to grow. 

Even more recent is the addition of Dr Sole products to our catalogue. These are beautifully made and the wear properties are among the best of any rubber products out there. The high cost of importing them from Taiwan means we will have to build the range of stock over the coming year.