• Redwing stock becoming available again

    With Redwing stock becoming available again, the start of 2022 is looking more positive for Yorkshire Sole.
  • Craft of shoe repair

    Finally, the end of February sees me doing a presentation on the craft of shoe repair at The UK Independent Shoemakers Conference.
  • The Repair Shop

    BBC1’s The Repair Shop continues to call me down to restore various footwear items.

  • To those that know me, it’s no secret

    My intention to become a bespoke shoemaker.
  • The busy start to the year

    A trip to Bill Bird Bespoke shoemakers in the Cotswolds.
  • Our first member of staff joined in November.

    Matthew Dobson made the unorthodox jump to shoe repair and moved to Yorkshire after working in shoe manufacturing at Dr Martens in Northampton for 3 years.